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April 2, 2021

What The F**k Is Going On?

DJ & Ranaea come through to give you an update and let y’all know the plans for the podcast! Tell us your feedback and stay in to…

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Feb. 27, 2021

Track By Track Album Review: K.R.I.T IZ Here

Ranaea and Ahmad, connect for the final installment of our collaboration to dissect 4 albums track by track. The album Ahmad, sel…

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If you’re a poetry lover, fan, or interested in reading books this is for you! Ranaea, in the chaos of life has written and released a poetry book.…

DJ Khaled, ‘Khaled Khaled’

DJ Khaled, Khaled Khaled, album and tracks review.

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Milla J’s Skin & Beauty Founded in 2021, by Desree Smith, Milla J’s Skin & Beauty caters to both men and women. With homemade beauty…