Nov. 29, 2020

What is Small Victories and Side Notes

What is Small Victories and Side Notes


This is our first blog post and prior to this neither DJ or Ranaea, had any idea what a blog really is and we still don't lol. As we eluded to in our first and second episode we wanted to break down what Small Victories and Side Notes podcast is about. Every episode before we get into the topics we like to start with a small victory. A small victory is a win for the day, or the week. It's the positive thing you can find to make you realize that whatever you faced wasn't so bad. The side notes are the stories and things we recall from our lives and experiences during the conversation. The big thing about these things is this is really how we talk.. we text with small victories and with side notes all the time. Don't confuse the title as subtle as it is we some hip hop fans, some Cole and Kendrick fans, music fans, we have lives, we both have significant others that we are married to and we keep it real. So If you tune in we assume you are too and we greatly appreciate it! We started this podcast on a whim and published the first episode unsure of who would listen and so far it's been way better than expected. Welcome to Small Victories and Side Notes podcast! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and communicate with us! We're actively trying to branch out and meet all you homies. There's a lot of amazing things in the works so keep kicking it to be a part of it. 

If you haven't already please check out our podcast episodes! Press play / download / subcribe and definitely reach out to us! Stay tuned and do follow us on Instagram @smallvictoriesandsidenotes_pod 

Peace ✌🏾  


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